sliding door with silent soft closing system

SL 5006 50kg Hanging Sliding Door System

  • With comfortable and safe soft closing function, improve the level of furniture and expand the life of furniture
  • With best silent performance by high quality German imported POM material runner, which is high-strength ball bearing runner
  • With restoration function, and anti-jump and automatic hook coupling function (anti-decoupling)
  • Adjustable function to get the best balance between door panels
  • Up and down sync damping, with automatic hook coupling function (anti-decoupling), automatic reset function
  • Loading capacity of door: 50kg. Thickness of door: 16mm ≦ T ≦ 20mm

SL 5006 – Hanging Sliding Door System Accessories

SL 5004C-5006 – Middle Door Damper System Apply For SL 5006