Catch And Magnet

2″ Push Open Magnetic

2″ Push Open Magnetic – Small

2″ Push Open Magnetic – Big

Push Open Magnetic

Push Open Magnetic

Single Magnetic Spring Catch – WH

Double Magnetic Spring Catch – WH

Single Magnetic Spring Catch – WH

Soft Close Door Damper

Stop Close Door Damper

Big Magnet

Small Magnet (White)

Magnetic (S/S)

30kg Magnetic Catch

Magnetic Plate

Hifi Door Magnatic

6-8mm Chrome Double Hifi Hinges

6-8mm Chrome Single Hifi Hinges

Single Magnetic Hinges

Inset Hifi Magnetic Hinges

Inset Hifi Magnetic Hinges

Double Hifi Magnetic Hinges

Overlay Double Hifi Hinges

Overlay Single Hifi Hinges

8-10mm S/Steel Single Hifi Magnetic

8-10mm S/Steel Double Hifi Hinges

12mm Big Glass Hinges – SS

Big Chrome Push Plate

Door Catch

Double Roller Door Catch

BC 007 Mini Spring Catch

BC – 650 Spring Catch

Safety Push Catch

Brass Adjustable Ball Catch

Brass Twin Ball Catch

Chrome Twin Ball Catch

Turn Swivel

Aluminium Swivel

Material: Aluminium

Colour: Satin

Swivel Square Turning Plate

Square Turn Swivel

TV 350 TV Swivel with Full Ext Slide

Interior Fitting And Bracket

Folding Bracket

Folding Bracket

L Bracket (Round Type)

Butterfly Fitting

PVC L Bracket-Thick

Metel L Bracket

Box Type L Bracket

L Bracket with Cov

Zinc L Bracket 13 x 25mm

Metal L Bracket 30 x 22mm

Metal L Bracket 30 x 30mm

Stainless Steel L Bracket

Stainless Steel L Bracket

Wood Joint Bracket

Stainless Steel L Bracket 16 x 45mm

Stainless Steel L Bracket 25 x 38mm