Advantages of Soft-Close System You Must Know

The indispensability of wardrobe and drawers in the home cannot be overemphasized. However, if you’ve been using your wardrobe or drawers for over 10 years – chances are that they are still traditional in nature. You know – the kind that announces to the whole house when you close it. If that’s true of you, then you seriously need an upgrade – I mean soft-close system for drawers and sliding wardrobe.

Apart from bearing a touch of class and style, soft-close system come with a number of advantages and superiority over traditional drawers and wardrobe. Some of them are as follows:

Extend the lifespan of your furniture

Did you know that one of the principal factors that determines the longevity of any equipment or appliance is the ‘stress” it witnesses when it is used? Traditional drawers usually witness a lot of stress when we open and close them. Though this stress may not be immediately visible on the hinges, its cumulative effect comes into play some months or years after usage, as it begins to make more noise, when we use them.

With soft-close system, you can easily increase the longevity of your furniture considerably. The safeguard mechanism ensures that minimum force is witnessed every time you close the drawers or sliding door, ensuring that the wearing of the components, is at the barest minimum.

No more slamming doors

Slam-shutting of sliding door is one of the surest way of drastically reducing their lifespan. When sliding door are slam-shut, the amount of force involved leads to the gradual weakening of its components, which expectably wear-out faster.

With soft-close system, slam-shutting is practically an impossibility – no matter how hard you try. The mechanism is designed in such a way that it absorbs the closing force and a few inches before the sliding door close completely, the slow-closing mechanism kicks in, ensuring that the sliding doors close smoothly.

Drawer content stay put

Have you ever wondered why your drawer content seem to have toppled over when you check them in the morning? Sometimes you’re even tempted to think that a mischievous rodent must be responsible, but this is hardly the case – sometimes, it’s just about the force with which you closed the drawer. With soft-close drawers though, your drawer content always stay put, because the drawer practically glides-shut, so nothing can topple over.

Safe for kids

Soft-close system completely eliminate the possibility injury for kids, that may result of closing the drawers. With traditional drawers, this kind of accident is usually a common occurrence with kids, especially toddlers. The “slow-motion” in the last few inches of the drawer closing, allows the kids to remove their hands before it shuts and even if the hand is not removed, the mechanism will stop closing, once it touches the hands. So, whichever way – safety is assured for kids. The feature also keeps exuberant children from slamming doors and drawers shut.

Complements a high-end upgrade

Soft-close drawers or sliding wardrobe also support high-end upgrades. So, if you’re looking to make a wholesale upgrade in your home, then the soft-close system will make an excellent inclusion, to give your new setup a touch of style and civilization.



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